At Pink Media, we focus on teaching and managing social marketing with business owners. This allows owners to be a resource and build a valuable social place for their customers to know about them, their business and their industry while providing customer service, public relations, sales and marketing. Founded on June 30th, 2010 with an unnatural love for pink, Pink Media’s owner Desiree Ford took her nine years of graphic design and four years of social media communication experience and combined them into a social marketing business with education, branding and building valuable relationships as the primary focus.

Engaging with customers is our biggest focus with our education-based service. Getting consumers to interact with you while they are in your establishment or by reaching out to them in the social space builds lasting relationships between your business and the customer. Utilizing word-of-mouth, print and digital marketing, Pink Media customizes a strategy that is easy for you and your team to implement and manage. Pink Media also knows that your time is valuable, so alongside training you and your team, we manage your online community for as long as your business requires.

Pink Media thrives on new and creative forms of marketing. With live social marketing, we are able to customizing an at-event social strategy including contests, text messaging and live social media coverage allowing for your investment at an expo, convention, or party to be more effective and purposeful. By collecting measurable consumer data and interacting with them at the event, you will have a direct and effective communication channel with potential customers after the event, rather than relying on them to keep a piece of paper.

Pink Media knows that not all marketing is in black and white, but through great design, personal messaging and our personal training with your business, we know that your social presence will make you a trusted resource to your current and potential clients, build your credibility and bring attention to your business.

Lon Safko, author of The Social Media Bible, 96.3 Real Country radio station, The Steve Henry radio show, Echo Magazine and Arizona Spa Girls are only a few of Pink Media’s clients. In addition to monthly speaking events, Pink Media owner Desiree Ford is a bi-monthly guest on ABC 15?s Sonoran Living, winner of the Social Media Arizona (SMAZie) award winner for “Up and Coming Social Media Company”, Top 10 SEO/Social Media Marketing company for Ranking Arizona’s Magazine, 2012 edition, and organizer for Social Media Day-Phoenix event, where we applied for and received a proclamation from the State of Arizona declaring June 30th Social Media Day, focused on engaging, connecting and supporting local businesses. This effort lead to ABC 15 to focus their news cast on social media on June 30th and for Mashable, leaders in technology and digital news, to highlight Pink Media’s efforts in social media.